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Naftalan is a «dense blood of the earth», black-brown or yellow-gold, as if is imbued with sun. The name comes from ancient Midia word “Naphtha” (“flowing, leaking”), the language of one of the state formations on the territory of Azerbaijan. At first, there were wells that emerged across the naftalan oil field, and then the city of Naftalan appeared.

Naftalan oil, absorbed through skin, has a positive impact on the capillary blood flow, improves circulation in small vessels, dilates blood vessels, reduces blood clotting, increases the activity of enzymatic processes, stimulates all body functions, has anti-inflammatory effect. Its effectiveness in treating different diseases is confirmed by the results of more than 1600 scientific works and monographs, including 270 theses. Therefore, its use has been justified for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nerves, skin, gynecology and chronic prostatitis.

Treatment with oil is carried out outside the stage of disease exacerbation.


Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan is a 5-star resort in a picturesque nook of Azerbaijan, Naftalan district. Built in 2011 and managed in accordance with international hotel standards, it combines a clinic and all elements of a luxury 5-star hotel. Gashalts Naftalan is a combination of an individual approach to each guest and treatment with unique Naftalan oil since all our efforts are aimed at providing your health and comfort.