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The globally known Naftalan spa resort is the world's only field of remedial naphthalan oil so bespoke in its biological qualities. Its curative effect has been known since ancient times. For the range of its applications, it is rightfully considered a medical phenomenon in the field of mud treatment. And the local "Museum of Crutches" can be considered as a very unique, though very indirect proof of the famous healing properties of naphthalan oil. The story runs that all the exhibits presented here – crutches of different designs, types, and sizes – were left by the guests of the resort cured with naphthalan oil.

Naphthalan is a hydrocarbon substance, a natural hormone containing no synthetic substances to affect negatively the human body. Pretty much all medical procedures in Naftalan are based on the healing properties of naphthalan oil. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilating, and anti-allergic effects, boosts body resistance and regeneration processes, enhances metabolic processes, and stimulates reproductive processes.

However, other substances exhibit these properties as well. So what is the uniqueness of naphthalan? The uniqueness is in the content of substances similar to natural human hormones in their composition. We get a double effect, as naphthalan oil increases blood flow and, at the same time, allows our body to have more of these anti-inflammatory substances. No substance in the world has such a property. Naphthalan oil fights the manifestations of more than 70 diseases of different groups of organs and systems. The spectrum of naphthalan treatment is very broad. Post-treatment people get a long-term remission of the diseases they suffer. Sea, mineral waters, and mud, not to mention medications, do not have such a good result, giving only a temporary effect. The hormonal preparations have a lot of side effects. After them your body stops production of its own hormones and the disease enters an even more acute stage.

Naphthalan treatment has fewer contraindications in comparison with other mud methods. Besides, naphthalan, unlike other oil products, can have a strong effect on the human body due to the naphthenic hydrocarbons. As an addition to carbons, naphthalan contains such chemicals as copper, iodine, bromine, and zinc. The key to success of the naphthalan treatment is the combination of efficiency and safety.