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Goygol Lake


Goygol is a small mountain lake stretching almost 3 km in length. The width of the lake, being some kind of pond in the gorge, is 800 m. Since the lake is a pond, the bottom surface is uneven, but the maximum depth reaches 96 m.
It has a remarkable backstory. The lake was formed as a result of a devastating earthquake near Ganja on September 30th, 1139. The top of Mount Kapaz collapsed into the gorge of the Aghsu River. The resulting pond turned into Goygol Lake. The water in the lake will surprise you with its crystal-like purity. In fact, you will be able to see the lake bed. The lake water is weakly mineralized, being of the hydrocarbonate-calcium group with good drinking and irrigation qualities. Thanks to them, the lake got its name "Goygol", which means "blue lake" in Azerbaijani.
Distance from Naftalan: 70 km. (50 min.).